Jun 032015
So there it was. After 23000 kilometers in the saddle in five years it finally happened: On my way to work early in the morning I came around a bend just a little too fast to notice the slippery mud that had accumulated in a puddle just before a little ledge where two roads meet. The bike slipped to the left and before I even knew what was happening I landed on five supporting points: Knees plus hands plus chin. A jogger came up, and with a supportive smile asked if I needed an ambulance. I was a bit stunned and asked back: "How's my face?" His answer was: "If you're already married it's ok." Well, to make sure I checked in my bike mirror and saw blood but miraculouly it was the chin and upper lip only, not my nose that was bruised. I went on to work, cleaned up and gave my class the long-awaited class test. After that I had my wrist x-rayed in the hospital but it turned out to be sprained only, not broken - that would have been just great before leaving for Canada. I don't know if I could have gone on the Big Trip with a broken saddle joint (articulatio sellaris) at this point in time! It is now only 29 days until the flight ...  
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  1. Aaaarrrgghh no! Rene! Not you as well!! At least I came off my bike last year…. not less than a month before the ride. I sincerely hope that you are all ok and that the bumps and bruises are healing fast. Perhaps we can now say that we have got our little crashes out of the way now and won’t be needing any more crashes at all…ever……


    • Thanks for the sympathy! Yes, I’m much better already and riding again. But it did stop me for several days.

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