Packing and Re-packing

Packing and Re-packing

Well, the packing process is turning into a never-ending story. In the last three days I have packed, opened up again and repacked at least five times, each time thinking this would be the last time. But then a detail occurred to me which I wanted to change: too much underwear – open it all […]

Work is Over - May The Games Begin

Work is Over – May The Games Begin

Now that work is over and a full year of adventures lies ahead I feel thoroughly excited.  All (well: most) preparations are done and not much remains to be done. I even reacted to last night’s nightmare and changed the tires to the sturdy class 6 Schwalbe Marathon Tour Plus instead of the lightweight Almotion.  […]

Final preparations ...

Final preparations …

So, this Sunday was the day for packing up the bike. The coming week I will have to take the other horse to work, the one with a little built-in help up the hills … Yesterday I gave the bike a good checkup and finally decided to leave the new Almotion tires on since they […]