Apr 022015
From April 2 to April 11 Susanne and I are hiking in the coastal mountains above Cavtat and Dubrovnik in Croatia. Our flight took us to Split further north where we spent a wonderful day exploring the Old Town of Split and enjoing a wonderful meal at a seaside restaurant with a mixture of Croatian and Italian food and a waiter who was relieved to hear us speak German after we first tried English. He had worked in Bavaria for several years as actually is the case with lots of Croatians working in the hospitality business. So tomorrow we will drive our rental car along the coast, crossing over into Bosnia-Herzegovina and on the other side of this country's access to the Mediterannean back into Croatia until we will reach Dubrovnik and Cavtat in the late afternoon where the Croatia Hotel will be our base for the hikes. Below you will find some impressions of the very old city of Split and the maps of the planned hiking trips.

Sunset at Cavtat


Split - Part of the palace of Emperor Diocletian


Split - Old Town


Split - market place


Split - not many tourists yet, it's Early Season

wpid761-René_03_2015-4.jpg wpid758-René_03_2015-3.jpg wpid756-René_03_2015-2.jpg wpid754-René_03_2015.jpg First Hike From Cavtat Cilipi  to the famous cellars beneath the Dubrovnik airport and back to Cavtat
Second Hike From Hotal Croatia in Cavtat to Strazisce
Third Hike  from Kuna Konavoska
Fourth  Hike from Orebic to Sveta Ilja Pelsac and back
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