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For the last 5 years I have always switched between Schwalbe Marathon Racer (35 or 40 mm) in the summer season to Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour in the winter. With their much deeper profile and their "SmartGuard Protection" the Plus Tour are not only indestructable but weigh in at almost 1 kg each. Every change to winter I give a deep sigh when getting on the bike after a tire change because of the sluggishness of my vehicle. The Racer on the other hand only weighs about 450 g each and has a much better rolling resistance but much less puncture protection so probably not a safe choice for the Big Tour. So, last year Schwalbe initiated  the "Almotion", quote
The innovative Dynamic casing and the Race-rubber mixture of the Schwalbe One significantly reduces rolling resistance. It rolls approximately 30% faster than a comparable touring tire.
 And it has much higher puncture resistance than the Racer! Another detail: it is a folding tire so I might even take a spare ... Considering that the tour will be road mainly, I might decide on this one. Everyone will tell you that weight saved on the moving parts (tires, ha!) is really much more noticeable than a little less "dead" weight in the panniers 😉 . Weighing in at 610 g for the 40-622 size, and at a price of about 35€ each, I will give it a try and see how it feels  at both maximum pressure (6 Bar or 85 psi)  and the minimum pressure of 3.5 Bar or 50 psi. My panniers are just waiting to get loaded  and I will definitely not max out the 110kg for each tire 😉 Here some details from Schwalbe ... Schwalbe AlmotionSchwalbe Plus Tour
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