Feb 212015
Getting out of Vancouver by bicycle isn't simple. Traffic and tunnels make the situation quite complicated. The best way from downtown, where we will spend a couple of days, will be to take the "Sky Train" to King George Station and from there it is 71 km to the Campsite at Cultus Lake, BC V2R which lies halfway to Hope. The second day takes us to Hope, where we might  spend the night at the Kawkawa Lake Campsite, which is much quieter than the site at the Fraser River directly next to the highway and railroad tracks. That merits a couple of metres up, doesn't it? Day  1:
or, alternatively, to a campsite called "Griesbrecht Road" - closer to the Fraser River and therefore more directly on the way to Hope, but less attractive, according to comments:
Day 2:
And then on to Kamloops ...    
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