Feb 172015
So, another preparatory step is taken: Susanne and I went to Frankfurt for my visa. I can't get used to the English language using the plural form of the original Latin form "Visum" which we use in German - to me it seems as if I applied for three or four of them. But then  the "visa" is valid for ten years so it might serve a multiple purpose after all, who knows! After arriving in downtown Frankfurt by car on Monday we decided to have  a nice lunch in a little restaurant and then join a walking tour of the city since none of us had yet been in the old part of Frankfurt before - All that Germans usually see of that city if they don't live or work there is the airport ... On Tuesday we went to the US Consulate and after going through security,  waiting for 2 hours, watching all kinds of nervous and relaxed people, then witnessing two US naturalization precedures - I was finally called up for my interview and came out with my visa!  Hooray!

Paul's Church in Frankfurt - setting of the first attempts of Germany at a constitutional democracy in 1848. Well, they managed to agree on a constitution which formed the basis of our present constitution but did not agree on a unified state ....


Goethe's Birthplace ....


Contrast of Old and New ...


View from the 200-m tower of the HeLaBa, the central Bank of the State of Hessen

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