Feb 122015
Today has been a day of conclusions. For over a month now I have been taking the easy way to work: my e-bike helps me with an additional 250 watts  on the daily 42km trip (two-way) of which I am especially thankful for on the 130 altitude metres on the way to work and the 200 altitude metres on the way back (calculating "up" only). Living in a hilly area has its ups and downs, definitely 😉 ! Well, today I switched to my travel bike (no assistance there, I'm afraid) and found out that life can be hard! I'd always believed that breaking a sweat on my way to work and especially on the way back would be enough to not only assuage my conscience but to maintain my level of stamina.  Well, I had to learn the hard way today that I was deceiving myself. Thirty-five  minutes into my trip I was passed by a cyclist on my (and obviously his) way to work and I thought "gee, I was getting used to it being the other way round. It must be the fact that he's almost two metres tall and I was born  into a family of dwarfs ...." but then on my way back from work (which is a lot more uphill!) I just couldn't believe it: my heart was going at a rate I'd thought I'd thoroughly gotten rid of with my other vehicle (wow, how fit you are!!) and there I was snaking up that never-ending hill. At least I wasn't passed again by some dude ... Ok, so here comes: if I ever want to have a chance at getting up those Rocky Mountains in Canada in July I should better stay off that "drug" called e-bike and start commuting in earnest!  
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