Feb 012015

Me and my project


My name is René Böhme, a native of Germany who has been about a bit. I have been doing cycling tours for 3 years now and I’ve always dreamed of a long cycling tour on the North American Continent. So, when I decided to take a year off from teaching at a secondary school in the Ruhr area in Germany it became quite clear very quickly what I would endeaver to do:

My plan is to ride my bike from Vancouver, Canada to Chesapeake Beach in Maryland between July and October 2015 over a total distance of around 7000 kilometers. The flight home will then be from Washington DC. Even before the actual planning phase begins, several questions arise and beg for answers: Am I determined enough? Do I have the physical abilities to climb the mountains with a loaded bike? Will I overcome fatigue, laziness, exhaustion, and minor ailments with enough willpower to get me across the continent? The plan itself, having developed over a period of two years now, has already served its purpose in a way: It has supported my life, given me energy, hope, perspective and even joy for all that time now. Anticipation is wonderful. But the more I read and prepare the more obstacles seem to be waiting for me – or rather: appear from the fog of naive wishful thinking and become real issues to tackle. So, it boils down to a proper planning procedure. The bike, the equipment, the itinerary, the provisions of finance and – last but not least – aspects of personal safety all have to be dealt with. As it turns out, I won’t be tackling this route all by myself, at least not all of it: David Alan Renton from Hobart, Tasmania will join me on this wonderful trip through Canada’s Rocky Mountain route (Icefields Parkway)  and then on through the Northern parts of the USA. I am quite pleased with this development since Dave is not only an experienced cyclist who has done several long tours over the last years in Europe, Australia and New Zealand,  but also is the author of outstanding descriptions of his travels on Crazy Guy On A Bike – and a fun person to be with.
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