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Kickoff: From the river Ruhr along the Rhine and down to Stuttgart and Munich

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Aug 122018

Velbert, Stuttgart und München August 2018

  • Lange ist es her, dass ich mich hier gemeldet habe, der Gründe gibt es viele. Einige Kurztouren in die nähere Umgebung erschienen mir nicht interessant genug; die Reise nach Schweden letzten Monat war zu "autolastig", wobei doch ein paar schöne Radtouren einer Nachbereitung bedürfen und es auch Wert wären ...
  • Nun denn, morgen beginnt sie nun, eine Tour von der Heimat in Velbert an den Rhein bei Leverkusen, dann den Rheinweg mit seinen typischen Sehenswürdigkeiten hinauf bis nach Mannheim, wo es auf den Neckarradweg geht, der mich in die Nähe von Ditzingen bringt. Von dort geht es weiter das Neckartal entlang bis am Ende die Großstadt München winkt. Von dort geht es dann mit der Bahn wieder nach Hause.
  • It has been quite a while since I last posted news on cycling. The reasons were not based on laziness or abstinence; Actually, I have ridden more than 10000 k since my last post 🙂 But, alas, most of that was boring commute to work and just a few short tours in the immediate vicinity. This summer's trip was to Sweden in a combination of  car (mostly) and bike (just a few stretches) and I haven't yet got round to writing anything about those short but exciting trips which took us from Malmö and Stockholm up further north to Härnösand and then via Copenhagen back to Hamburg and home. Should I find the time I will post some of those visually really exciting pictures I took there.
  • So now I'm off on a 7-9 - day trip by bike, fully self-contained (as few restaurants as reasonably possible :)) from my hometown along the rivers Rhine and Neckar down to Munich. The first part will be along the famous paths on the river Rhine, at Mannheim I will change onto the river Neckar which meanders quite a lot through very beautiful landscapes and will take me close to Stuttgart. The last part the will be through meadows and rolling hills to the east and the city of Munich. So join me on a little tour with hopefully nice opportunities for photography ...

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Meet Matteo – this month’s warmshowers guest

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Jul 172017
On Saturday Matteo asked for a warmshowers overnight stay and of course we hosted him. As usual, we met a very interesting person and enjoyed his stories: He's from a little town between Venice and Padua in northern Italy and spends most of the year travelling around Europe. This time he flew into Hamburg / Germany and collected the bike he had bought on ebay for only 20 Euros!!! What a relaxed and optimistic attitude to cycle touring ... So now he is cycling south through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and all the way back to Italy which he will reach in about three or four months. Wow, what an adventure! So, we wish Matteo all the best for his trip. Stay safe, Matteo! _____________________________________________________________________________________   Samstag mittag fragt Matteo über an, ob er ein Bett für eine Nacht haben könnte und natürlich konnte er! Matteo ist aus Italien und wohnt in einem kleinen Ort zwischen Venedig und der Universitätsstadt Padua, durch welche ich letztes Jahr auf meiner RUD-Tour auch gefahren bin. Matteo lebt  alleine und verbringt viel Zeit auf der Straße, er war bereits überall in Europa, auch in Bulgarien, Serbien, Kosovo usw. Jetzt kommt er aus Hamburg, will weiter nach Eindhoven, Belgien, Frankreich und schließlich in 3 bis 4 Monaten wieder in Norditalien ankommen. Seine Einstellung zum Leben und zum Reisen ist extrem entspannt, was man auch seinem gewählten Fahrrad ansieht: Ein mindestens 25 Jahre altes Rad mit einer Torpedo-3-Gang Schaltung und alten Reifen, denen ich persönlich mein Leben nicht anvertrauen würde ... Auf jeden Fall wünschen wir Matteo eine sichere Fahrt und gute Heimkehr! '' '' '' '' '' ''
Jun 182017
Srdjan und ich laufen nicht nur (ab heute ist das offiziell!) sondern haben heute eine gemeinsame sehr schöne Radtour unternommen. Eine nette Runde ab Velbert, zunächst über den Panoramaradweg, dann nach Neviges, hinauf - die erste Bewährungsprobe - auf den Dönberg, dann weiter auf die relativ neue Nordbahntrasse bis zum Tunnel "Schee", in dem einem schon recht kühl werden kann :). Dann folgten wir - immer bergab in Richtung Ruhr - dem wunderschönen Radweg auf der alten Bahntrasse und landeten schließlich - ein Tunnel fehlt noch: der "Schulenbergtunnel" kurz vor Hattingen -, an der Ruhr. Von hier aus immer auf dem alten Treidelweg Richtung Essen, wo wir ein Päuschen am "Bar Celona" einlegten. Das alkoholfreie Krombacher machte uns Appetit auf das "richtige" Bier später zuhause ... Weiter Richtung Kupferdreh, und dann kurz vor "Haus Scheppen" biegen wir nach Süden ab, um 10 km hinauf nach Velbert zu klettern - insgesamt 75 entspannende Kilometer, nur zu empfehlen!

Dog-Stuff in Spring

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Apr 122017
I don't think dogs like joggers ... This spring has taken a long time to arrive. Early mornings have been cool and or wet down to freezing temps right down to the end of March and having to get on my bike every morning at six  for an hour's ride to the workplace was always a challenge during all of winter. But once on my bike I simply knew that I would never, ever voluntarily swap this hour-long freedom and quality time with sitting in a car! Especially the ride back up the hill after slaving away all day long and getting rid of all the frustrations or rethinking the beautiful moments of the day before having to get back to my desk to prepare next day's classes was and is ever so rewarding. For Christmas I bought a new helmet with great lights and even a direction indicator. It was sent to me from the US and is called "Lumos". Spring has arrived:
  • So now that April and the easter holidays are here, I simply have to relate a rather worrisome experience I had when going for my weekly run with a friend on a nice sunny Thursday afternoon.
  • Coming around a bend the two of us were confronted by a growling dog of about 40 centimetres hight but  - apart from a boxer-like attitude - indefinable race. The dog wore a collar but no leash. I tried to ward off the obviously aggressive dog and looked up to find its owner - that was the moment the dog took advantage of and bit my hand fairly deeply. The lady owner appeared from behind the bend and stared,  shouting hysterically at me. "What have you done to my dog! You are mean, a mean person, I can see that! She's never bitten anyone before!"
  • My friend and I were absolutely stunned!! Here I was, bleeding profusely and in shock - and she was accusing me of having provoked her dog!
  • After some moments I asked the lady for her identification and she refused at first, saying she felt threatened by the two of us - and threatened us that she would call the police.
  • "Ok," I said, "that suits me fine. Let's call the police." She stepped back, my friend took out his phone to take down her number and she attacked us again, obviously hysterical: "Are you taking photos? I won't have that!" "No, madame, nobody is taking photos, but please give us your name and number - I don't want to lose more time before I can run home and then see a doctor."
  • Two hours later during which I had entered the emergency room at our local hospital and was made to wait for treatment the lady and her husband came into the waiting room and the man offered me money so I wouldn't go to the police! After being bitten and accused of having "provoked" the dog I did not at all feel like letting these two people get off so lightly. Imagine the dog had not bitten me but a child! In any case I was still too full  of pain and adrenalin so I decided to put off a decision until the next day - and went to the police station in the morning.

Dog bite after 30 minutes

I met the lady and her dog again this morning during my run - and guess what: The dog was again running free (we have a clear leash order in our town) and again the dog came running up to me. This time the lady was sitting on a bench and called the dog back. We had another conversation - this time with less adrenalin involved but I made it quite clear that if I ever saw the dog again running free I would call the police. So, we'll see.  

Dog bite after 3 days

  This little episode reminds me of a conversation I had with a guy I met in Malta, Montana, USA in 2015. We talked about the viscious dogs on the Indian reservation I was going to pass and Alan Gugino warned me to be careful. I wrote a little piece about my encounter with a single dog. See the link - and read the story. I hope I will be able able to get back to Alan somehow ...
Day 28 – Glasgow to Wolf Point